This unique festival for Bulgaria and the Balkans was established in 2009 and since then it is an indelible part of the cultural calendar in Pleven city.  It is being organized by the Board of Trustees of National Arts School “Panayot Pipkov”- city of Pleven, with the never ending efforts of Augustina and Simeon Serafimovi and the support of Pleven Municipality. Its artistic director is Vasilena Serafimova.

The festival takes place every other year under the patronage of the city mayor. The festival combines master classes by percussion instruments professors  and concerts by outstanding performers as Bogdan Bacanu, Emiko Uchiyama, Christoph Sietzen, Vladimir Petrov, Michael Burritt, David Friedman, Jean Batist Luclerc, Svet Stoyanov, Anders Astrand, Florian Kokil, Vasilena Serafimova, the composer Patrick Zimmerli, Peter Weniger – saxophone, Thomas Enhco and Dora Deliyska – piano, Demie Rangle – clarinet …

The young instrumentalists from all over the world – pupils and students from Bulgaria, Mexico, Japan, France, Rumania, Greece, Turkey, Columbia, Finland, Israel, Russia and Taiwan make the festival days real feasts of artistic creativity and friendship.

Плевен Център, Плевен, България