Mausoleum-chapel “ St. George the Martyr ” commemorates the heroes – i.e. 31 000 soldiers and officers of the multinational Russian imperial army and 4500 of Romanian army, who perished and were wounded during the Russian -Turkish War in 1887-1878 and during Pleven Epopee 1877.
Mausoleum is in Bulgarian ecclesiastical style with Byzantine architectural elements. On Northern and Southern mausoleum sides are embedded memorial granite plates disclosing the titles of Russian and Romanian squadrons, the officers’ names, and soldiers’ number who perished in the battles for Pleven. Above the entrance wooden door artistically carved by prof. Ian Travnitski can be seen as a high relief of “St. George the Martyr” made by the sculptor Zheko Spiridonov.
The iconostasis that is also a state-of-art article of wood-carving and iconography is created by prof. Ian Travnitski .The icons were made by the renowned Bulgarian artist’s prof. Anton Mitov and prof. Ian Markvichka. The crypt houses three marble sarcophaguses containing bones of warriors who perished for Pleven liberation.
The Mausoleum is a cultural monument of national importance.

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Mausoleum-Chapel “St.George the Martyr”