In 1907, the house-museum “Tsar Alexander II Liberator” was established after the initiative of Committee “Tsar Alexander II Liberator”.

On 11th of December, 1877 in this house owned by Pleven merchant Ivan Vatsov, the Russian emperor Alexander II was welcomed. Here he was given a letter of appreciation by Pleven citizens and in the presence of the great prince Nikolay Nikolaevich, Romanian prince Carol I and Russian military minister Milyutin had a meeting with the captivated Turkish marshal Osman Pasha.

The first military governor of the liberated Pleven – general M.D.Skobelev lived and worked in this house from 12th till 22nd of December, 1877.

The museum exposition presents the hussar uniform of emperor Alexander II, personal belongings of general M.D.Skobelev etc.  Preserved is the authentic arrangement in the guest room where emperor Alexander II was welcomed. In two of the rooms, the ceilings are still original,  while the wallpapers were restored after preserved original elements.

The original park fence contains inbuilt barrels of Russian cannons, guns’ barrels and bayonets, swords, grenades, and engineering accessories.

The house-museum is a cultural monument of national importance. 

Work hours:

Summer work time (1st of April till   31st of October)
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Days off: Saturday and Sunday.

157 Vasil Levski Str., 5801 Pleven Center