Exposition “Pleven Epopee 1877 “

Regional Historical Museum – Pleven city

The most abundant exposition in Bulgaria dealing with Russian-Turkish War 1877-1878 and Pleven Epopee 1877 presents authentic materials donated by the Russian and Romanian Ministries of War for the establishment of Military and Historic museums in 1903 – 1907. In the museum are exposed Russian and Romanian uniforms for different kinds of troops, cold weapon and firearm of Russian and Romanian army, the full military attire, fur cap, and personal belongings of prince N. Nikolaevich – head-in-chief of the Russian army; personal belongings of general M.D.Skobelev; medals and badges of honor of Russian-Turkish War 1877-1878; relics from Pleven battlefield – baby curls found among the personal belongings of a perished Russian soldier; icons, crosses and personal paraphernalia of the perished Russian soldiers, trophy Turkish arms, etc.

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Regional Military History Museum - Pleven, Stoyan Zaimov Street, Pleven, Bulgaria