Northern ensemble for folk songs and dances “Ivan Valev” Pleven was established 60 years ago (1959) in the historic city of Pleven – the center of the fertile and rich in folklore Danube plain.

As one of the largest ensembles in the country, the Northern Ensemble has performed more than 5,000 concerts at home and abroad. It consists of 22 professional dancers, 15 singers (choir), 16 musicians (orchestra), and administration.

The program of the ensemble is based on the traditional Bulgarian folk culture, adapted for stage performance. Linked to a common theme and dynamic history, the impeccable musical and choreographic scenes merge to create an amazing symbiosis of live dances, breathtaking songs, great music and authentic national costumes from all ethnic regions of the country. The programs, constructed as concert performances, in which the synthesis between the song and the dance becomes the basis for the construction of overflowing musical – choreographic pictures, subordinated to a common plot and dramaturgical idea. way to meet the requirements of any place. The performances are prepared especially for outdoor or indoor stages, art galleries, clubs, cathedrals, churches, schools, kindergartens, and more. The choir is singing and dancing in most mass compositions and attracts the attention of the audience and professionals with its rich nuance and unique sonority. The orchestra, composed of highly professional musicians, sounds equally influential in accompaniment and as an interpreter of instrumental melodies, and the success of the choreographic compositions is due to the virtuoso mastery of the performers – dancers.

Exciting, innovative, and attractive are the performances of the Northern Ensemble – Pleven. With their wonderful highly professional performances, the band glorifies Bulgarian

folk art in France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, USA, Germany, Greece, Canada, Russia, Poland, Syria, Morocco, Jordan, Canary Islands, Macedonia and many others. He has released several gramophone records, DVD and SD, and in 2019 a book on the history of the ensemble.

For the years of its existence, in addition to the love of the audience, the Northern Ensemble has received numerous awards. In 2004, on the occasion of its 45th anniversary, the Northern Ensemble realized the premiere performance “Crystal Spring”. For it, he was awarded the special prize of the Ministry of Culture “Crystal Lyre”, which is awarded for excellence in Bulgarian music and dance. For his overall artistic and creative activity he was awarded the Golden Lyre by the Union of Bulgarian Music and Dance Figures in Bulgaria. For the 50th anniversary, he received a plaque and a diploma of the Ministry of Culture, an honorary diploma, and the badge of honor of the Municipality of Pleven.
The European Forum of Experts and the Academy for Internationally Recognized Leaders in Science and Culture of the Northern Ensemble awarded a “Golden Card” for significant contribution to the development of European culture. The award is a public recognition of the prestigious place of the institution in the cultural map of Europe and in the preservation of European cultural values, and on the occasion of its 60th anniversary it received the highest award of SBMTD – the Crystal Necklace Award.

Northern ensemble “Ivan Valev” offers to the guests of the city folklore concerts and programs with a preliminary request:

– folklore program of 30 minutes.

– folklore educational programs – 40 min.

– concert of 60 min.

– concert performance “From the square” (Bulgarian northern wedding) – 70 min.

– choir and orchestra – concert 30 min.

Northern ensemble for folk songs and dances "Ivan Valev" Pleven