The exposition of the house-museum “Great Prince Nikolay Nikolaevich” reveals the function of the headquarters of the Russian army during the Pleven epopee. During the period 26th of October – 10th of December, 1877 in the house resided general Nikolay Nikolaevich – commander-in-chief of Russian army and also the emperor Alexander II. The exposition is situated in the house of Ivan Stoykov – the Troyan guy. It was constructed in the period 1862-1865. In this house were carried out military councils attended by count N.Ignatief, general N.Obruchev, general D.Milyutin, general E.Totleben, and general Y.Gurko. Here were taken also significant strategic decisions for the war course, the blockade of Pleven, and the winter crossing of Balkan mountains. The draft of the San Stefano Peace Pact that was signed on the 3rd of March, 1878  was prepared here in French. In the artillery hall and in the open-air exposition in the park are shown cannons of Russian garrison artillery, 10-barreled Russian machine guns, and artillery accessories used during the fights for Pleven in the third attack.

The house-museum is a cultural monument of national importance.

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House-museum “Great Prince Nikolay Nikolaevich”, 3501, Pordim, Bulgaria