The nature reserve in “Chernelka” location is a picturesque karst canyon in the central Danube valley, located approximately  12 km from Pleven city. Along nearly 7 km the tiny Chernelka river has formed a picturesque canyon, which width varies from 60 to 200 m, and the rock height is from 10 to 35-40 m. The exquisite abundance of rock formations, the specific ornithofauna and diverse flora made the region to be declared as a natural landmark in 1969. In the region can be observed more than 200 bird types, 9 fish types, 5 types of amphibians, and 11 reptile types. Besides the beautiful natural landmarks “Chernelka” is proud with its profuse historic past: late antique and Medieval castles “Gradishte” and “Tsareva cave”;  Roman road preserved till today, an early Christian rock monastery, as well as the rock formation “Provartenik” with 15 m depth and ring-shaped,  related to alleged ancient human presence. Here can be seen also several exquisite natural phenomena – the karst springs ”Baba Raditsa”, “Bablya” and “Kapchuka”, the caves – “Tsareva dupka”, “Mominata” and “Ivanovata”.

In 2001, in compliance with Pleven Municipality project, in “Chernelka” location was made an eco-trail. Along the path were constructed 18 bridges, many barbeques, pavilions and recreation spots. In the mid of this route is located lodge “Kapchuka” with a capacity of 20 persons, a tourist kitchen, dining room. The lodge is supplied with water and electricity. The starting point of the eco-trail is accessible from both Gortalovo village and Kartozhabene village.


“Chernelka” Nature Reserve