In the period 1892-1897 this mausoleum has been constructed to commemorate the perished Romanian soldiers. In 1902 it was officially opened.  A memorial park around the mausoleum was made in 1902.

The temple frescoes are made by Romanian artists. The iconostas is wood-carved with four icons – “Jesus Christ”, “St. Nicolas”, “Arch. Michael” and “Virgin and the Baby”. To the iconostas is attached a bronze pendant with text-dedication in Romanian and the year “1902”. In the bone-vault, in marble sarcophaguses are preserved the bones of Romanian soldiers who perished in the battles near Grivitsa village.

In 1967 was established museum exposition presenting Romanian participation in the Russian-Turkish war in 1877-1878 and in the battles near Grivitsa village during the third attack to Pleven on 11th -12th  of Sept., 1877. The exposition presents original military uniforms, spears of Romanian war flags and artifacts, connected with the lifestyle of the local population during Russian -Turkish War 1877-1878.

It is a cultural monument with national importance.

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Free entrance

Romanian Mausoleum Grivitsa village, Pleven, Bulgaria