The exposition of house-museum “His Royal Majesty Carol I” illustrates the participation of Romania in the Russian-Turkish War 1877-1878 and the function of Romanian army headquarters when in 1877 the Romanian prince Carol I resided in the town of Pordim. The prolific exposition presents military uniforms for the different branches of the Romanian army. The uniforms were donated by the Romanian Ministry of War.

The explosion is arranged in the house of Varban Iliev. The original building with its authentic arrangement is preserved. Here can be seen the camp bed of prince Carol I, a camp table, foldable chairs and washbasin, and original pictures taken during the stay of Romanian prince Carol I in Pordim in  1877. In the Artillery hall and in the open-air exposition can be seen artillery cannons of the Romanian army, Romanian pioneer property.

The house-museum is a cultural monument of national importance.

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House-museum “ His Royal Majesty Carol I”, Vasil Levski str, Pordim, Bulgaria